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Garret Factory has released and marketed several LP's, singles, EP's, and CD's. His first LP: Lack of Sleep/Earth Records-Houston contains an artsy mixture of jazz and classical elements in a contemporary acoustic album including haunting love ballads. His known solo LP: Gulf Coast State of Mind/Interchange Records, is a sampler in Garret's roots and coastal writing styles of folk, blues, soul, and island music. Garret Factory's CD: The Drive Off the Map / Interchange Records, is an eclectic rock music album of magical performances from various Live shows along with bonus studio tracks. Read more about his new album release in 2012 with his band Whooping Cranes!

He has produced albums for Whooping Cranes rock band, Crucial Dread reggae band, The Businessmen rock band, and The Inanimate Objects rock band.

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